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Venables Award for New Developers of Open Source Software for Data Analytics

Venables Award for New Developers of Open Source Software for Data Analytics sponsored by the ARDC

The goal of this award is to encourage new open source software development from the Australian community with a view to support efforts to develop and share data science and statistics methodology. It is particularly for software development work from early to mid-career, or even later career researchers, if it is one of their first projects. Here’s Bill Venables talking about his experiences, and why this award is important.

Call for Submission

Developers need to submit their work for consideration, along with a nomination from an SSA member.

For inspiration, see the information about the 2022 winners and 2023 winners.


We acknowledge our diverse developer community and especially encourage submissions from under-represented individuals and groups, and new software developers from academia, industry or government.


Judges & Assessors

The award will be managed by the SSA SCV committee, who will recruit a judging panel in any year.

Submit an Application

To submit, please complete this Application form

Important Dates

Date What
Feb 5, 2024 Opening of submissions
Fri Apr 27, 2024 Close of submissions
Jun/Jul 2024 Announcement of the award winners


First prize will be $4000, with a runner-up prize of $1000. If the judges deem appropriate there may be equal first or runners-up, resulting in a division of the prize money.

Bill Venables

Bill Venables pioneered the use of the S and consequently R languages in Australia. His book “Modern Applied Statistics with S” co-authored with Brian Ripley was the primary manner that many analysts learned their trade, across the globe. It is now in its fourth edition. For many people, Bill’s tutorials on data analysis with S and R was the first entry point to working with data. Throughout his many years in academia and with CSIRO, Bill has contributed to the analysis of data from many fields but primarily in ecology, environment, and climate change.

About the Sponsor

The ARDC is a federally funded digital research infrastructure facility enabled by NCRIS. The ARDC Research Software program is pursuing a vision of recognition of research software as a first-class output of research. The sponsorship of this award is in aid of recognising the valuable contribution made to research when new ideas, methods and models are captured in this uniquely actionable form of knowledge representation.


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